Gale Jones, SHRM-PHR

Leadership Growth & Coaching

Gale retired from Procter and Gamble after 35 years of service and six locations. She  has operational, marketing logistics and organizational development and transformation experience. During her corporate career, she had many opportunities to travel the world and transform the lives of others as well as assist in organizational business strategy.

Gale has also led corporate training sessions on building effective teams. She spent the last half of her career in acquisition manufacturing sites, bringing different company cultures to align with the parent company while maintaining the people and business success. My most memorable work was integrating an international business, taking a small group of people who knew nothing about her and performing at a level that paid for itself and turned a profit.


Gale holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from NC State, a Minority Leadership Certification from John Hopkins University, a MS in Human Resources Management from Troy University, a Bachelor and Masters of Art in Bible from Immanuel Baptist Theological Seminary. She also obtained her SHRM Professional Human Resources certification.


Her passion is helping transform the life of others and helping leaders to engage themselves and their organization for the desired results.  She believe transformation is possible for anyone if they truly want to make a difference for themselves and others.






Appling, GA 30802, USA

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