About Us

The Org Transformation is an experienced group of associates with over 150 years of Fortune 100 experience in Organization Development, Human Resource Generalist, and Human Resources Leadership.   We provide situation based hands-on advisory services in Organization Effectiveness & Organization Performance Improvement, Leadership (Management) Development, and HR Administration that are applicable to any organization or industry. 

Our associates are engineers or seasoned resources who have in-depth engineering and operational experience in manufacturing and technology-based organizations. This foundational technical background is integrated with extensive practical Organizational and Human Resource capabilities that improve business results. This combination is rare in industry and it gives us a capability advantage that allows us to bridge some of the traditional gaps that exist between the HR and Operational functions. We are HR resources that speak the technical language, have the operational/technical experience, but also have the people expertise needed to facilitate solutions for the unique Organization and Human Resource challenges of technology-based environments.

Our team of associates is ready to help you develop strategies for addressing your most immediate and pressing organization and HR needs.  Contact us today to set up your first consultation.






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