Steve Moore

Team Development/Team Leader Coaching

Steve will be celebrating his 30th year next year with Procter and Gamble. He began as a technician at the Belleville Ontario Canada site 1989 where he worked in manufacturing producing Pampers. Became a line leader and was the shift captain of the fire brigade. Was a part of a line crew that that was the first pampers line to >85% efficiency in North America.  Steve transferred to the Brockville Ontario Canada site in 1995.

Brockville was a Tide Laundry site at the time and offered opportunities like starting up a centerline system in the packing area.  Steve enjoyed the manufacturing side of the business and team aspect of the work.  In 1998 Steve took the MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) role.  As the project lead Steve help create a replacement system for our line event data capture system. Became to be known as MAPLE and is used in 5 countries and about 130 P&G lines around the world. Increased my programming skills in Access to the point he was asked to build the Brockville quality system which was used for more than 5 years.

Steve was then promoted in 2003 to top paid rate technician as a leader and lead teams of 30+ in Swiffer Wet and Wet Jet organizations. Had great success during this time developing people and teams.

In 2007 became the HR Technician leader for the Brockville site. Created an electronic team health assessment tool. Currently available in 5 countries in 3 languages have received multiple accolades for it ease of use and the benefits it provides to boosting team effectiveness and results.

In 2012 was promoted to management and took an assignment in Aarschot Belgium working at a Duracell plant that was being downsized by 240 employees. The job was to work with the remaining folks






Appling, GA 30802, USA

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