Jan MacKillican

Org Design/Team Development

Jan MacKillican is Founder and President of Lead It Teams Incorporated, a company specializing in team development and organization design. Jan has 28 years of work experience in both corporate and public sectors. Her company focuses on coaching leadership teams to succeed in today’s ever changing and competitive environment through increasing team effectiveness, renewing business direction and/or organizational structure. For the past ten years, Jan has led organizational development for a Global Business Unit of Procter & Gamble. She has coached on team effectiveness and personally developed critical leadership team work processes. In addition, she has coached and supported manufacturing sites across the globe in their ongoing definition of business strategy and in the development of sustainable, high performing and productive work designs. Jan’s proven ability to help teams become high performing and able to deliver needed, measurable business results has made her sought out by teams around the world. She is known for her high energy, her creative design of focused and interactive team events and her ability to instantly engage and connect with her diverse clients. Her work has been widely reapplied and referenced for developing productive and high performing organizations. Most recently, Jan has been certified as a Team Coach and is licensed to use the Team Diagnostics Assessment and team coaching process developed by Team Coaching International.


Founder and Leader of "Lead It Teams" Incorporated; Global Organizational Development Leader, Procter & Gamble, Manufacturing Division; Coach to Global & Regional Business Unit Leadership Teams; Coach of Manufacturing Site HR Leaders - all regions Organization Design facilitator, multiple organizations

MBA- Syracuse University;

Bachelor of Education- Queens University

Bachelor of Music- Queens University






Appling, GA 30802, USA

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